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Every person is intended for something. I recall to what Daniil Granin has said. A little about another writes the austrian logotherapist Victor Emil Frankl in his first-class bestselling book Man’s Search for Meaning. It is hard to read, but it`s a handbook for many people. Actually, the chapter about concentration camp is not for the faint-hearted. The interpretation on his part of some harmful addictions is perceived as very curious. Learning to control yourself is always helpful.

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A disease finds one who is afraid of it. In any case, with reference to hypertension, this is true. The etiology (causes and conditions) of the occurrence of hypertension is complicated. One of the most important thing is, apparently, the presence of constant nervous tension for a long time. The rhythm of life is becoming faster. The age of the person who gets this disease is not that important. Sufficiently young people suffer from high blood pressure.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, the number of patients with hypertension exceeded 1.1 billion people. Hypertension was considered a disease of rich people not so long ago. Today everything has changed. Improper nutrition is one of the main reason of hypertension. Hypertension has spread to all segments of the population. It is no secret that the main cause of death in Russia are coronary heart disease and stroke. These are the most dangerous consequences for a comfortable life of a person in adulthood.

Nobody knows anything. It’s hard to say why. It is quite possible this superficial attitude to their health. And not the ability to feel the danger in the early stages of the onset of the disease. Hypertension in this case is not an exception. How to reduce the harmful effects of stress? And the vessels? An improper nutrition very often raises “bad” cholesterol. So it turns out to know the most trivial and in no way connected with taking pills methods of relieving anxiety and improving the elasticity of blood vessels is everyone. Moreover, in Russia since ancient times, preparations based on plant materials have been widely used. In the fight against stress and vascular spasm, we found several wonderful and effective combinations of medicinal plants available in any pharmacy. And the funniest thing is that you can even use monotherapy with one plant. But you need to know which one exactly.
People still should look for simple and reliable ways in everyday life to relieve pressure without removing that fear which may cause dangerous consequences of the high blood pressure. First of all, natural components is safe. Secondly, the same herbs do not cause any addiction. And it is very important that it is extremely inexpensive and available in any pharmacy chain almost. But there is a difficulty. How to choose the best herbal for yourself? What should be considered when choosing herbal medicine. Someone knows, but someone does not. Sometimes you just can’t find a qualified specialist. Especially in such a difficultfield as folk medicine.

According to WHO normal systolic pressure under

● the age of 30 years is considered 110 — 145 mm.
pressure for this age is 62 — 92 mm.
● Up to 45 years, the norm of systolic pressure is
110 — 150 mm. And diastolic pressure 70 — 96 mm.
● Normal pressure becomes higher with age at 60 years
to 115 — 170 mm and 70 — 100 mm, accordingly.

There are a lot of effective plants against hypertension. The most popular and widely used are hawthorn (berries, flowers and leaves), motherwort, scutellaria baicalensis, gnaphálium uliginósum, small periwinkle. All of this list is neither dangerous nor toxic. Except for the periwinkle. Concentrations of preparations based on small periwinkle must be precisely calibrated.

Russians ask a question: How to beat hypertension? But Americans ask: How to get rid of hypertension? It`s curious, isn`t it? There are a lot of herbals and effective combinations. It does not always make sense to combine herbs too much. Monotherapy often gets a good result using one herb only. There is one directly magical feature. With absolute confidence in the quality of the selected herbal, a person begins to feel improvement as soon as he begins to accept the this herbal. It makes no sense to stretch for a long period of time. Partially, this is certainly a self-hypnosis. The correct and positive effect on the autonomic nervous system as well.


Never forget about the lymphatic system. In fact, this is the most complex system of the human body. There is no reason to cause trouble for its work. The lymphatic systemis opened and does not have a “pump”. With a sufficiently large number of diseases, it makes sense to do drainage in it. In particluar: allergies, arthrosis, female infertility, bronchitis, dizziness, itching, cataracts, cough, neurodermatitis, excess weight, otitis, papillomatosis, polyarthritis, polyneuropathy, allergic rhinitis, diabetes, reduced immunity, thrombophlebitis, photodermatosis, cellulitis, tinnitus, eczema and some others. Any professionally trained immunologist will explain to you why deodorant should have a validity period of up to 6 hours. No more!

To the question of zinc. An important element in human physiology. The norm volume for men and women is the same 15 mg. Vitamin complexes can not cope with this task. Zinc salts are poorly absorbed. Zinc preparations should be taken in a different form and separately. Zinc is important for the condition of the skin, hair, nails. And for men virility. Not everyone knows about it.


Osteochondrosis and hypertension are closely related. Arteries running through the cervical spine supply the brain, including those parts of the brain that are responsible for the cardiovascular system. Deposition of salts and deforming osteoarthritis create problems with the supply of oxygen to the brain. In men`s body the formation of urates and oxalates is typical, but for women`s body is phosphates and urates. All salt withdrawal schemes are published. But when using diuretic drugs, the uric acid content increases in the body. Therefore, it is best to use homeopathic medicine. But first of all it`s needed to determine certainly which type of deposits it is.. Treatment of osteochondrosis of the spine involves the use of chondroprotectors long courses (up to 6 months or more), physiotherapy and physiotherapy. But the principles of homotoxicology are especially effective in the treatment of diseases of the muscu loskeletal system. There is nothing to compare with these methods and treatment regimens. They are unique!

In general, when you look at extremely professional treatment regimens, for example, at the level of any Russian national team, you begin to understand what a complex “mechanism” we`ve got. Take, for example, from a treatment plan for a hernia of the intervertebral discs. Everything has gone so far in science. Everyone chooses those recovery paths that are closer and more understandable. Nevertheless, any new direction causes admiration and a desire to participate in this. But there are always difficulties in applying everything new. And distrust and contraindications. Often this is not critical. But knowing them is a must.

In some situations, homeopathic components work very effectively. For example, with sudden crises with tachycardia and severe anxiety. Such crises often occur as a reaction to cold. Treatment with ultra-low doses in some situations is uncontested due to the absence of any serious side effects. The principles of homeopathy often become a break-through in the treatment of the most complex diseases.

And an isuue remain. How to steadily reduce blood pressure at minimum cost. Yes, most likely a course of 3 or 6 months is required. How do you want it? Problems accumulate in the body for years. And that by taking one pill you can immediately remove them? No, that doesn’t happen. Persistent and persistent efforts are required. And then the result will not be long in coming.

Of course, problems with high blood pressure are very successfully solved in the early stages of hypertension. But even with more complex forms of the course of hypertension, it is possible to reduce the dependence on drugs with the help of herbal medicine. There are cases of complete disposal of hypertension.

The diet for hypertension is traditional. This is lower consumption of salt and caloric intake as well as increase of vitamins and especially potassium.

Why so many people in the world are not familiar with inexpensive and effective ways of reducing blood pressure? Do pharmaceutical companies interfere? Actually not. Most likely, it is simply inability and unwillingness to carefully learn the right sources of information. Or is it masochism? After all, no one has canceled it either. Sometimes you just want to torment, but not to solve the problem of hypertension.
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Question. The website visitor from USA asks

— I am 70. Pressure has been low all my life. But a few years as it began to rise, I’m stressed when the evening time comes. Starting from 9 p.m., sometimes it reaches 170 — 95. I don`t want to take pills.

Answer. There are 4 causes of high blood pressure only. Or, if you want, types of hypertension. Hyperkinetic — an increase in pressure due to an increase of the frequency and strength of the contraction of a heart. Hypervolemic — this is due to an increase in the volume of circulating blood. Hypokinetic — due to the occurrence of spasms of blood vessels. Increased mainly diastolic pressure. And the fourth one is mixed. You should know it. How to find out it? Often a person feels it. But it is better to make a diagnostic. The treatment for all types is different.

Question. The website visitor from Dallas, Texas asks

— Is it really normal that systolic pressure is 110 for a person at the age of 70 years? This is some kind of newly-born nonsense which may increase sales of appropriate pills.

Answer. This isn`t about sale of pills. No, the pills are out of the question. An overview of ways to reduce high blood pressure is simply information from open sources. Many of them (methods) are completely unfamiliar. Homeopathy medicine can be called very conditionally. There are some classic homeopathic remedies used for hypertension in the 12th hundredth dilution. This is 1 to 100 and so 12 times. There is essentially no substance there. And about the pressure of 110. And it`s often normal a fairly low pressure for a particular person. They are so-called hypotonic.

Question. The website visitor from Placentia, California asks

— Where WHO wrote this nonsense ?

Answer. If you are not satisfied with the WHO report, you may use one simple formula.

Normal blood pressure of adults is:

Systolic = 0,4 x Age + 109
Diastolic= 0,3 x Age +67

Question. The website visitor from Everett, Washington asks

I`ve got hypertension and I take pills. Is it possible to take herbals as well?

Answer. Why not ? But if you are being observed and treated by a doctor and he prescribed you to take medications, additional therapy should be discussed with him, so-called complex therapy is not excluded.

Question. The website visitor from Miami, Florida asks

— Hello, I am hypertensive and I take therapy in accordance with Shishonin`s method. And what is your method?

Answer. It`s still better to say not a method, but a way. It is to change from medicine to phytotherapy, if possible.


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